"An artist must reflect the times they are in" as said by Nina Simone. In my work, I aim to analyze and reflect the beauty of the world around me. Life is art. - Keile

DaeNyce ‘Keile’ Rabain is a multi-disciplinary artist from Bermuda. Her practice focuses on documenting contemporary life in different mediums. She often references the vibrant spirit of black Bermudian culture within her work.

Keile moved to the UK as a teen and later completed a BA in Fine Art (2020) at Nottingham Trent University. During university she partnered with a local gallery and became a founding member of All Black Connect, a collective highlighting the contemporary black experience through artistic expression, events, and discussions. Durring university she interned at Nottingham Contemporary and then was promoted to assistant registrar where she worked alongside the exhibition cutratorial team for 3 years. Since graduating Keile freelanced designing logos and products for small businesses in Bermuda. In addition working on murals and assisting the well known Bermudian artist Alshante Foggo in various projects. After gaining experience working with small business she launching her own art based business including merch and classes. Her most recent venture Summer by Keile (SBK) is a handmade spring/summer apparel & accessories designed and made in Bermuda and the UK.

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